Heart of TX Area Team Aglow Intl. #hotareaglow

Sylvia Schaefer, Nell Newby, Connie Busby, Theresa Lemke, Carol Torrance, Carrie Norton

Nell has been involved in Aglow since 1979. She has served in various positions including local president, area president, and as the Louisiana Aglow State Prayer Coordinator. She is currently serving as the VP of New Lighthouse Development for the H.O.T. Area and as Bible Study Chairman for the Temple Aglow Lighthouse.

In January 2009 Carrie Norton was installed as the President of the Waco Lighthouse, and in January 2014 became the President of the newly resurrected Hillsboro/Whitney Community Lighthouse. She currently serves as the VP of Public Relations for the HOT Area Team.

Sylvia serves on the board of the Aglow Heart of Texas Area Team as V.P. of Financial Development. Retired after 35 years of teaching in Temple, she is active in the Temple Lighthouse of Aglow and in women and children ministries at Bethel Church.She co-founded a weekly outreach neighborhood ministry in a Temple housing project, Bethel R.O.C.C. S. (Reaching Our Community for Christ our Savior).

Busby has dramatically changed over the years since she came to Christ as an adult. Working as a hospice caregiver has served her well in ministry as she came on to the HOT Area Team in 2012. She served as VP Admin, and VP Finance and is now in the office of VP of Ministry Development, coordinating the activities of the outreach meetings the Team hosts at the prison in the Mountain View unit of the women's prison in Gatesville each month.