Contending for
Covenantal Justice

I AM a man of war. David was a man of war after My own heart and did all of My will. I am renewing your mind to think like I think about war. I once stopped the rotation of the universe to aid Joshua’s killing of the enemy, and I will do even greater things for you.  I will respond to your prayers today as you invoke my covenant of “Sure Mercy”. I reveal what I am doing to those who will become a great and mighty nation. The Word is near you; even in your mouth. Will you cut off those who aim to destroy your promised end time harvest? Will you be my faithful and unstoppable army?
Guest Speaker

After twenty-eight years of walking with Jesus the Judge, Al Houghton is fathering a restoration of the Judicial Christ within today’s bible-believing church. Acts 2:36 says, “Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified both Lord (koo-ree-os) and Christ
(khris-tos).” The last 70 years of church history marks the separation of the Judicial Christ from the Priestly Savior. The fruit of this separation has been a distinct absence of Divine Justice operational in the church. When the church always turns the other cheek, they enable evil. Jesus did not turn the other cheek to the money changers or Herod.  He threw the first out and killed the second! The angel who visited Herod is suffering from inactivity. Learn how to ease this Angel’s suffering!

Al has multiple testimonies of the Judicial Christ doing today exactly what He did in Scripture when intercession is made from the platform of David’s Covenant that Jesus guaranteed in Acts 13. Al’s three decades of experience representing Jesus “The Judge” have resulted in a theology now being embraced and honored with signs following around the world. The Psalm 2 promise, “Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession” is becoming a reality for those who have embraced and established the Kingly Christ in their hearts!  No nation is lost if the church will embrace and represent The Judicial Christ.  

Al Houghton is a Father in the Faith formed in the fire.  He is a proven prophetic voice who tempers his words by the yardstick of Scripture.  Forty years of ministry now include thirty-three years of Word At Work daily bible studies, six books & countless CD series that form the foundation for leaders on seven continents.

Al’s current assignment is elevating the church into their kingly priesthood as “agents of justice.” Many free nations stand at the crossroads of judgment or salvation, based on choices made. By invoking the covenant of “Sure Mercy,” the church can impact those choices. Only a vibrant Church who knows their covenant can confront political leaders in the power of the Spirit. Saving the nation means awakening the church to the power of their covenantal roots! A church that cannot move God’s hand for covenant justice lies in a salt-less state.  May the Church Arise! 

Praise & Worship
Jamie Lipe - Her passion is God’s Presence and leading His people into a deep place of intimacy and from this place to release the prophetic worship, intercession and legislation that will shift and move into alignment all that is out of order.  She desires to stir a hunger in God’s people to cry out for purity and holiness, to become a generation of no compromise and one who will see the restoration and awakening of the Church. Above all, her heart is simply to be a true worshipper, giving pleasure and satisfaction to the heart of God.- See more at
Becky Stanley is a wife, a mother and homeschool teacher of her four children, as well as a worship leader in both her home church and Hillsboro Aglow.  She is a passionate psalmist, worshipping freely and prophetically. As she was praying for this assignment, the Lord gave her the following word. “As the ocean tides bring oxygen to the deepest, darkest, dead part of the ocean bottom, God’s justice flows and will flow to the deepest, darkest, dead part of society in this time and bring fresh life.  A chance to breathe and Yes, a renewed hope, for this hope will not be disappointed or delayed or put to shame.  But the justice of the Lord will prevail and accomplish what He has prepared for it to do. It will not fail! Justice - the oxygen of God.  We will have hope! We will be able to breathe again!”